K.Ruby Blume

virtual retrospective

Some highlights from my years of living, creating & performing.

The slideshow & video links will open a Youtube window. Because so much quality is lost in the process of moving from VHS to digital, and from iPhoto to iMovie and back again, I have uploaded the clips as large as possible. Please note that you can now change the speed and quality of the stream right on the Youtube viewing window, should they load too slowly.
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Many thanks to Circo Zero, Ciontraband and Joanna Moody
for contributing music.

When I Was Little The Many Faces of K.Ruby
Family & Friends
Visual Art
Wise Fool & Beyond
The Black & Whites
Homesteading on 60th Street


Wise Fool Sample Reel
Strips of Cloth & Paper (The making of Touch/Prayer)
Fire Circus
Little Revolutionary Shadow Show
The Blue Family
Inside Every Bird
Pippi Anarchy's History of Radical Puppetry (long)
Beegirl Gardens
Homestead Soda


from 1985-87 I played music under the band names MadBox (with Junglebook), SpiderBox (solo) and BunnyFish (with Daniel Goldman). Some was played live but much was recorded in late night jam sessions on a TEAC 4-track reel-to-reel recorder. Beats were laid down by a drum machine ancient by even 1980s standards. Track 5 below was from a demo tape project, thus the more slick production values. If you want to hear more., let me know and I will burn you a disk. These are the only ones I feel brave enough to post on the net.

When I was Little
A Very True Story
Slow Down
Mark's Love Song
Kinesthetic Sleep Dance


much early press and recent print is not available digitally, but here is a smattering.

SF Chronicle Farmer Next Door
East Bay Express: The Queen of DIY
Edible East Bay
:Urban Homesteading Comes of Age


Wise Fool Handbook
Urban Homesteading