This list contains books on contemporary political and experimental theatre, puppetry, street theatre, picture books and books about the intersection of art, spirituality, community and politics. Some are hard to find or out-of-print--I higly reccommend the excellent, still non-commercial site BOOKFINDER.COM as a resource for finding rare books online.

Baird, Bill The Art of the Puppet, The Macmillon Company, New York 1965
Barba, Eugenio Beyond the Floating Islands, PAJ Publications 1986
Barba, Eugenio A Dictionary of Theatre Anthropology, Routledge 1991
Battcock, Gregory and Nickas, Robert, editors The Art of Performance, E.P. Dutton, Inc., 1984
Beck, Julian The Life of the Theatre, Limelight Editions 1986 (1972)
Blumenthal, Eileen Puppetry: A World History, Harry N Abrams Inc, 2005
Burnham, linda Frye & Durland, Steven The Citizen Artist, Critical Press 1998
Boal, Augusto Games for Actor and Non-Actors, Routledge, 1992
Boal, Augusto Theatre of the Oppressed, Theatre Communication Group, 1985
Brook, Peter The Empty Space, Atheneum 1968
Cohen-Cruz, Jan Radical Street Performance: An International Anthology, Routledge, 1998
Cordry, Donald Mexican Masks, University of Texas Press 1980
Coult, Tony and Kershaw, Baz Engineers of the Imagination, Methuen 1983 (2nd edition, 1990)
Davis, R.G. The San Francisco Mime Troupe: The First Ten Years, Ramparts Press, 1975
Gablik, Suzi Conversations Before the End of Time: Dialogues on Art, Life and Spiritual Renewal, Thames and Hudson 1995
Grotowski, Jerzy Towards a Poor Theatre, Simon and Shuster 1969
Fo, Dario Tricks of the Trade, Routledge, 1987
Friere, Paulo Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Continuum, 1970
Hoffman, Ethan etc. Butoh: Dance of the Dark Soul, Aperture 1987
Johnstone, Keith Impro, Theatre Arts Books 1985
Kershaw, Baz The Politics of Performance, Routledge Press 1992
Loeffler, Carl A Performance Anthology, Last Gasp 1989
Linklater, Kristin Freeing the Natural Voice, Drama Book Publishers 1978
Mason, Bim Street Theater and Other Outdoor Performance, Routledge 1992
Morris, Eric and Hotchkis, Joan No Acting Please, Spelling Publications, 1977
Raven Arlene (editor; Art in the Public Interest, Da Capo Press, 1993
Sainer, Arthur The Radical Theatre Notebook, Avon Books, 1975
Schechter, Joel Durov’s Pig, Theatre Communications Group 1985
Sheehy, Colleeen, editor Theatre of Wonder: 25 Years In thye Heart of The Beast Frederick R Weisman Art Museum 1999
Spolin, Viola Theater Games for the Classroom, Northwestern University Press, 1986
(She also has a well-known book of theatre games for adults.)
Taylor, Rogan The Death and Resurrection Show, Anthony Bond 1985
Taymor, Julie The Lion King, Hyperion, New York 1997
Taymor, Julie Playing With Fire, Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 1995, 1999
Tolstoi, Vladimir Pavlovich, Street Art of the Revolution: Festivals and Celebrations in Russia, Vendome Press, 1990

Also reccommended:

Magazine Back Issues: The Drama Review back issues include titles such as Processional Performance, Grassroots Theater, Popular Theatre, Theatre & Ritual. High Performance has a good issue on community theatre and puppetry and so does P-Form.

People to look for in addition to those mentioned above are Franca Rame, Bread and Puppet, Meyerhold, Brecht, Halprin, Mummenschanz, El Teatro Campesino, The Plutonium Players, The Living Theatre, Annie Sprinkle, Border Arts Workshop, Los Angeles Poverty Department & Dogtroep.


Wise Fool Basics by K.Ruby
100 pages of giant puppet construction, stilts, stiltwalking, costumes, masks and more.
Send $12-15 sliding scale to Wise Fool 2633 Etna Street Berkeley CA 94704

Puppet Cookbook by In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre
A well-thought-out book, 3-ring binder style with projects organized according to time & complexity. To order, send $25 to Heart of the Beast, 1500 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407. (612) 721-7174.

68 Ways to Make Really Big Puppets by Sara Peattie and the Puppeteers Collective
A 10 page booklet with drawings of many different styles of puppets and brief technical information. To order, send $4 to Bread and Puppet Theater Route 122, Glover, VT 05839.
Bread & Puppet also has other puppetry publications. Ask them to include a catalog with your order.

Drums and Demonstrations by the Super Sonic Samba School
20-page booklet with info on low-tech instruments, drum rhythms and pointers for drumming at demonstrations. To order send $3 to Super Sonic Samba School 3345 Gregory Street, San Diego, CA 92104-4751. (619) 281-1066.

The Activists Cookbook by Andrew Boyd, published by United for a Fair Democracy. An extensive 100-page booklet about how to bring art and theatre to direct action campaigns. Send $16 to United for A Fair Economy 37 Temple Place 5th Floor, Boston, MA 0211. (617) 423-0191. Email: stw.@strw.org Web: http://www.stw.org

Engineers of the Imagination by Coult, Tony and Kershaw, Baz, editors; Methuen 1983

A Handbook for Non-Violent Action contains information on non-violence training, consensus decision-making, legal issues, organizing actions and more. Send $3 to War Resisters League, 339 Lafayette St. NY, NY 10012. (212) 228-0450. They will also send a list of other available publications by request.